Linux Distributions

Name Download ISOs
ArchLinux [info] ISOs for: i686 and x86_64
CentOS [info] ISOs for: x86_64
CentOS Stream [info] ISOs for: x86_64
Debian [info] ISOs for: i386 and amd64
Fedora [info] ISOs for: x86_64
Fedora EPEL [info] (Packages Only)
Gentoo [info] ISOs for: x86 and amd64
Knoppix [info] ISOs for: i386
Linux Mint [info] ISOs for: i386 and amd64
Raspbian [info] (Packages Only)
Salix OS [info] ISOs for: i386 and amd64
Slackware [info] ISOs for: i386 and amd64
Ubuntu [info] ISOs for: amd64
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Name Description
RFC [info] RFC (Request for comments) is a series of numbered informational documents and standards widely followed by Internet and Unix communities


Name Description
Aminet [info] Archive of freely distributable Amiga software
CPAN [info] Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Cygwin [info] A Linux-like environment for Windows
Eclipse [info] An open development platform
GNU [info] Free Software Foundation archive
GIMP [info] GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
Gutenberg [info] Over 42,000 public domain eBooks, including many literary classics
Jenkins [info] An extendable open source continuous integration server [info] The primary site for the Linux kernel source
Kodi [info] Free open-source home theater PC for Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux
MariaDB [info] Database server with drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL
MediaWiki [info] An open source wiki written in PHP originally for use on Wikipedia
Mutt [info] A text-based email client for Linux/UNIX
OpenCSW [info] Solaris Community Software archive
Sage [info] Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system

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