Linux Distributions

Name Download ISOs
ArchLinux info ISOs for: i686 and x86_64
CentOS info ISOs for: x86_64
CentOS Stream info ISOs for: x86_64
Debian info ISOs for: i386 and amd64
Fedora info ISOs for: x86_64
Fedora EPEL info (Packages Only)
Gentoo info ISOs for: x86 and amd64
Knoppix info ISOs for: i386
Linux Mint info ISOs for: i386 and amd64
Raspbian info (Packages Only)
Salix OS info ISOs for: i386 and amd64
Slackware info ISOs for: i386 and amd64
Ubuntu info ISOs for: amd64
How to use the XMission mirror for your Linux distribution updates.


Name Description
RFC info RFC (Request for comments) is a series of numbered informational documents and standards widely followed by Internet and Unix communities


Name Description
Aminet info Archive of freely distributable Amiga software
CPAN info Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Cygwin info A Linux-like environment for Windows
Eclipse info An open development platform
GNU info Free Software Foundation archive
GIMP info GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
Gutenberg info Over 42,000 public domain eBooks, including many literary classics
Jenkins info An extendable open source continuous integration server info The primary site for the Linux kernel source
Kodi info Free open-source home theater PC for Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux
MariaDB info Database server with drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL
MediaWiki info An open source wiki written in PHP originally for use on Wikipedia
Mutt info A text-based email client for Linux/UNIX
OpenCSW info Solaris Community Software archive
Sage info Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system

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