Short: x+html4.01/SMIL2.0 PGMable text editor. Uploader: (Andrew Barker) Author: EdHT Menu Implementations - (Andrew Barker) Author: EdHT - Andrew Guthrie (passed away in 1998) Type: docs/announce/EdHT.txt EdHT 0.5 Alpha 17.7 (Full Distribution - 0.8 beta) Announce (Nov. 2001) is a _Fully Customisable_ (Hyper:) Text Editor with HTML4.01 + xhtml Support + New SMIL2.0 (released by w3c in August 2001) MenuConfigs. (A list of all MenuConfigs in the full distribution is provided below) As a text editor, allows users to fully configure their own Menu configurations (now with Right Amiga Keyboard Shortcuts!), as well as settings for tag pen, text pen & background colour preferences for three different families of HyperText documents, and any other ascii text based document. EdHT can edit or any of the sgml (Standard Generalised Markup Language) document types, eg. xhtml, smil, mathml etc., as well as <@{amigaguide}>, and... > Mail. eg... >" New Mail lines another colour, while editing (replying to) EMail. (Colour Code types for "" "@{amigaguide}" "> mail" via PREFs :-) The Full Distribution is only available from the EdHT WebSite as a trial prior to an Aminet release. (Feel free to test and any feedback welcome!) This is Freeware! Available from.. or bypass website to download full distribution.. (~900kb) Many changes since last Aminet release. (Last version 0.4 January 1997 is in aminet/comm/www/edht.lha - features far fewer possibilities than new 0.5 version! :-) has MenuConfigs that are fully <_User Configurable_>! Examples that are provided with the latest of , each provide completely different editing environments, as follows... ========================================================================= EdHT-ENV.mcfg MenuConfig for your Configuration and Introduction. (Set as Default) Set up EdHT-ENV variables for Name, EMail etc! ========================================================================= EdHT-MenuEdit.mcfg (A MenuConfig for Editing the EdHT Menu Editor - To create/edit the menuconfigs. ========================================================================= EdHT-AmigaGuide.mcfg (A MenuConfig for Editing <@AmigaGuide> files) Use @AmigaGuide <"@"> Tags as (via PREFs) Now with "GuideCheck" ------------------------------------------------------------------------- HTML4.01.mcfg (A (compliance intended) MenuConfig For Web Page Editing. Uses Elements as (via PREFs) Now with Amiga "HTMLTidy" (validation checks/converts html to xhtml) and an (x+)html4.01+WAI compliant implementation of "PicSize". ------------------------------------------------------------------------- HTML4.01-All_Entities.mcfg - As name suggests All Character Entity References. (A (compliant) MenuConfig for Web Page Editing) Use Elements as (via PREFs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SMIL2.0.mcfg (A menuConfig to edit SMIL2.0 (w3c Spec. - Aug 2001) Synchronized Multi-Media Integration Language (Version 1 & 2) Allows Animation/Audio/Media Objects as timeline presentations. (Integrated via xml - eXtensible MarkUp Language) No browsers yet fully implement this new specification but you can write documents that will change as browsers develop. (for. ...the Future of the web, now!:) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- EdHT-Mail.mcfg A MenuConfig for Mail Editing (PGM it to do what you want!:) Use ------------------------------------------------------------------------- EdHT-PlugIns.mcfg (For configuring ) All MenuConfigs have been created by and are Copyright 2001 Andrew Barker ( Download Latest Distribution from the EdHT Website. (0.8 Distribution - November 2001) Addition of SMIL2.0 Edit Environment (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) v2.0 (w3c spec. Aug.2001) Future of media presentations on the web? (0.7 Distribution - September 2001) Changes to the starting default .mcfg (MenuConfig) to include the EdHT-ENV Configuration. (Your Name email etc. var's, allowing auto creation of meta data and personalisation of EdHT :) (0.6 Distribution - August 2001) Major changes to Tidy implementations in the HTML4.01.mcfg (MenuConfig). New Meta Data implementations - Changes to ALL MenuConfigs. Implemented "HTMLTidy" to load Errors Text as well as utilisation of "HTMLTidy" config.txt files. Promoting accessability AND validity! Please feel free to download and test the new implementations of... EdHT (Fully user configurable text editor and hyper-text generator.) (FREEWARE! - Check it out @.. :) (EdHT Full Distrib v0.8) (at about ~900 kbytes) History EdHT started as.. HTMLed V0.1 (July 1996) EdHT V0.1 (~August 1996) EdHT V0.1a (September 11th 1996) EdHT V0.2 (September 23rd 1996) EdHT V0.3 (October 22nd 1996) EdHT V0.4 (January 23rd 1997) Last AmiNet Release EdHT V0.4a beta 1 (March 12th 1997 - Not publically released - NPR.) EdHT V0.4a beta 2 (March 17th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha (April 2nd 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 2 (April 6th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 3 (April 8th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 4 (April 11th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 5 (April 14th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 6 (April 18th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 7.1 (May 10th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 7.2 (May 13th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 7.3 (May 15th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 8 (May 18th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 9 (June 1st 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 10 (June 8th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 11 (June 13th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 13 (June 16th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 14.0 (June 26th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 14.1 (August 11th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 15.0 (August 15th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 15.1 (August 16th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 15.2 (August 19th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 16.0 (August 20th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 16.1 (August 22nd 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.0 (September 11th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.1 (September 21st 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.2 (October 3rd 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.3 (October 15th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.4 (October 16th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.5 (October 16th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.6 (October 18th 1997 - NPR) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.7 (Full Distrib. 0.7 beta - August 2001) EdHT V0.5 alpha 17.7 (Full Distrib. 0.8 beta - November 2001) The main point of is that you can use the requester's central <"MenuConfigs"> MENU - to allow of menuconfig, hence Editing Environments! for editing (code 1 colour & content another!).. Amigaguide, HTML4.x, XHTML, SMIL2.0, Mail or program your own Menuconfig with the "EdHT-MenuEdit"(.mcfg) EdHT MenuConfig edit environment! :-) The <"MenuConfigs"> MENU is ONLY! available when the , (Launched from the <"PROJ"> Menu - <"Prefs..."> (MenuItem :), is on the Screen! Check out the (PREFs) "MenuConfigs" menu for full list! Read the EdHT/guide/ for documentation. (via RTFM MenuItem ;^) BTW! Thanks go to... the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), Jody Tierney - "ClipRdWr", Wilhelm Noeker - "WordWrap", Guido Mersmann - "GuideCheck", Ralph Reuchlein - "PicSize", Keith Blakemore-Noble - "HTMLTidy" (the Amiga port of Dave Ragget's "Tidy" to validate html/output xhtml) All included to get the best out of EdHT and to encourage use of the W3C specifications and use of "Tidy" and the w3c validator for compliance to these specifications! (..for Amiga users! :-) Special thanks to Guido Mersmann, Jody Tierney and Paul Kaufman for useful beta testing comments, suggestions & advice - Thanks! ( all Amiga users! Regards, from boAB Software :)